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Don’t put additional responsibility on the grassroots – Edudzi Kudzo Tameklo

Edudzi Kudzo Tameklo Esq Writes:

The 2020 election is a rebuke of Mr Akufo Addo.
Ghanaian voters simply sent a message to him that enough is enough.
His arrogant posturing towards governance would be a thing of the past.
You cannot run nepotism a deliberate policy and when citizens complain, even appoint more.
You cannot attack the Mills Mahama administration of excessive borrowing and when you got power, our debt to GDP ratio is now about 80% with 16% fiscal deficit.
Completely destroyed the economy.
Where is the moral authority to continue to rule?
First time since 1992 that the declared winner, lost Greater Accra.
Akufo Addo did not win one constituency in 4 regions of Ghana. Even Oti region he decided to create to just to break the Volta region, he lost all 8 constituencies. The Ghanaian voter has discernment.
The NDC members on the Appointment Committee of Parliament have a huge responsibility.
Ghanaians are looking up to them to sieve and weed out wicked, arrogant and dangerous nominees.
I will not cast aspersions against any member of the NDC Appointment Committee.
At least, I know most of them at close range.
I don’t have any evidence of anyone of them compromising himself or herself.
But we have huge expectations of what they will be doing.
Persons associated with Akufo Addo went to the expect of getting an injunction order against our MP for Assin North.
Such individuals should not go through the Appointment Committee of Parliament.
They are very dangerous for our democracy.
Our members of the Appointment Committee of Parliament should look for the video of the vetting of Hon Fiifi Kwetey in 2009.
Even with lesser numbers on the appointment committee then, look at how the NPP MPs behaved.
There is nothing like national interest with NPP politics.
It is all about keeping the NPP base happy.
Godfred Yeboah Dame should come and justify why he was instigating the Special Prosecutor then to go after John Dramani Mahama and whether did not amount to interfering in his work?
Ken Ofori Atta should tell Ghanaians what he was doing in the house of Martin Amidu when he was the subject of investigation by Martin Amidu.
Dentist Matthew Opoku Prempeh should provide the evidence of John Dramani Mahama bussing parents and students to the Independence Square.
Ursula Owusu decided to use NCA to destroy media businesses of persons perceived to be NDC, thereby creating huge unemployment.
She specifically went after Radio Gold for a reason.
Cut off the dominant voice of the NDC.
Why should NDC members of the Appointment Committee of Parliament deal with her to advance the national interest? Was the closure of Radio Gold for the national interest?
Our brothers and sisters in the NPP don’t remember friendship.
They remember only the NPP interest.
The people who can put your National Chairman and deputy Com Officer for what offence?
Can you imagine that in the trial of the National Chairman, the evidence of an offence taking place is the alleged audio recording without more.
That’s how the NPP operates.
Demonization demonization demonization
They weaponize prosecution for partisan ends.
It is about justice but partisan politics.
With the greatest respect to the NDC members of the Appointment Committee of Parliament, the time is now or never.
The interest of the NDC is also national interest.
Always remember the 8 members of the NDC killed by operatives of this despotic regime during the 2020 election.
Their blood looking for justice and only justice.
We are praying for you our members of the Appointment Committee of Parliament.
Nothing can harm you our gallant soldiers who prevented the subversive activities of Mr Akufo Addo in the election of the speaker.
God bless you greatly
Ehedzo bodooo

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