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DJ Threatens to report Volta Based Rapper ‘Bills Blay’ to the police .

An unknown DJ has threatened to report a Volta based rapper with the name Bills Blay to the police over claims of the rapper owing him an amount of 100gh.

But according to the rapper, the DJ charged an amount of 200gh of which he had an agreement to pay him 100gh and later on pay the rest 100gh after the show which the DJ agreed to but , later on sent a message to the rapper he was going to report him to the police and hence tagging him as a fraud boy.

This made the Wo y3 Jon hit maker to post on social media to let everyone know what is actually going on .

Below is what the rapper posted on Facebook :

DON’T WORK WITH THIS HUNGRY AND SELFISH DJ ‼️A friend contacted him to play my concert #EnoBeDem Fest which was held on 25th December 2020 and he charged me 200gh, the agreement was I will pay half and after the show I will pay the rest cool I sent him 100gh during the show he ordered for drinks,food and after the show he again demanded for a hotel to sleep in whiles all that wasn’t stated in our agreement but I paid 150gh for a hotel room,the next day after the show he later reported me to the police that I’m owning him 100gh and posting my pictures to the public I’m a “scammer” before that he threatened me with a text message that he gonna let the police worry me so I decided not to mind him but he’s taking this whole shit far! BE CAREFUL WHEN WORKING WITH HIM!

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