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Director For Communications At The Presidency Eugene Arhin In Serious Trouble As Wife Files For Divorce

Mr Eugene Arhin, director of communications at the Presidency of Ghana has landed himself into some serious legal entanglement as his wife Mrs Gloria Assan Arhin filed for dissolution of their marriage and settlements amongst others at Accra High Court.

Mrs Gloria Assan Arhin, filed the suit on grounds that Mr Eugene Arhin has committed and keeps committing adultery, and He also registered with his disinterest in the marriage by moving out of their marital home and Mrs Gloria and children of left alone with no information to as to where he resides now made known to to her.

In the proves of adultery, it has been revealed that that Mr Eugene Arhin has a child of about 1 year old with another woman apart from the 3 kids he has with his wife.

The parties Mr and Mrs Arhin has 3 kids in the marriage;

  1. Kelsie Arhin 6 years old
  2. Kayla Arhin 4 years old
  3. Keeon Arhin 1 year ten months old

For the settlement, she filed for the following

  1. Immediate dissolution of the marriage
  2. Custody of the children be given to her with visiting rights granted to Mr Eugene
  3. A sum of 2 million Ghanaian cedis be paid her as settlement
  4. Mr Eugene continues to pay for the tuition, upkeep and health needs of the kids
  5. Their properties be shared equally. Some of this include; 5 bedroom and residential property, a four storey building comprising of 16 buildings, an ongoing storey building, cars, building and other businesses.

Check the full details of the petition below and well as the full properties ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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