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Cristiano Ronaldo In Trouble As He’s Being Investigated By Police

Cristiano Ronaldo is being investigated by police in the city of Aosta over a ski trip which could have broken Italy’s COVID-19 regulations, according to Italian news agency ANSA.

Cristiano Ronaldo has previously broken Covid 19 protocols in Italy with this been another offence, there’s a possibility of a hefty punishment if found guilty.

Valle d’Aosta police confirmed to the Reuters news agency on Thursday that a trip to the Alpine town of Courmayeur by Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez on Tuesday and Wednesday was under investigation. Authorities were alerted about his presence with social media posts of Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend Rodriguez in the snow which has since been deleted.

It is understood that the trip was to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday. The Italian government has banned movement from some regions of the country to others due to the cases of Covid-19.

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