Home Entertainment Covid-19 exposed our unplanned industry – Trigmatic.

Covid-19 exposed our unplanned industry – Trigmatic.

Rapper Trigmatic says the coronavirus pandemic exposed the creative arts sector in Ghana as the most unplanned industry.

Speaking on Showbiz Now on Joy Prime, he explained that because the industry is missing key systems and structures, the sector and its members have been struggling to survive.

“You can tell Ghana was not ready; some artistes in other countries got some kind of assistance and funding from different societies in the fraternity.

“Here, these people are always falling on the government for some monies whereas these people are working,” he said.

Trigmatic stated that it was clear other countries that has planned systems for its arts sector were able to pull themselves through regardless of the struggles.

He said it is time stakeholders and industry persons take a critical look at the industry and find ways to fix it now before its too late.

“For instance, if the royalty system was working, if the data collection system was good, then we know who must get what at which time,” he said.


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