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Close Down Schools- Prophet Advises Nana Addo

A Ghanaian prophet identified as Lion K.B. Acheampong has advised President Nana Akufo-Addo to close down schools again considering the sudden spike in the Covid-19 cases in the country.

According to the founder of Paradise Kingdom Ministry, allowing the kids in kindergarten and primary to go back to school is a dangerous decision considering the risk at hand.

He questioned the surety of the kids adhering to the outlined covid-19 measures. Stressing on why the kids going back to school is a wrong decision.

“Covid-19 cases have increased as the President indicated but we are still forcing the students especially Kindergarten and Primary pupils to back to school. It is a very dangerous decision which the president has to do something about it” Prophet Acheampong explained.

“Go to market, churches, businesses and others you could see people are not adhering to Covid-19 protocols. Some are even struggling to wear nose mask for 5 minutes but how can these small kids in Kindergarten and Primary Schools adhere to Covid-19 protocols? How are the teachers going to enforce all the directives on the children who don’t know the need of wearing nose mask and social distancing?”.

Prophet Acheampong added “if it is true Ghana has recorded Covid-19 cases then parents should look at the reopening of the school critically. They should decide whether to send their children to school or not because it is not safe to send Kindergarten and Primary children back to school”.

He, therefore, charged Ministry of Health, Ghana Health Service to as a matter of urgency call for closure of Kindergarten and Primary School if it will be difficult for the closure of all schools in Ghana.

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