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Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Among the world most consumed beverages is Coffee. It is quite healthy, have beneficial nutrients and also high in antioxidants.

Research has shown that, people who take in coffee have a much lower risk of suffering from several serious diseases.

Below are some notable benefits of Coffee:

1. Helps in Burning Fat

Most Fat burning supplements are known to contain caffeine and in a pleasant way has been known as one of the few substances that helps in burning fat naturally. Studies have proved that, caffeine actually increases burning of fat by as much as 30% in lean people and 10. 5% in obese people.

Also, another studies has shown that caffeine can boost the body’ s metabolic rate by 4- 10%.

2. Protects against Dementia and Alzheimer’ s Disease

The Most Common neuro degenerative disease the usually leads to dementia world wide is Alzheimer’ s disease.

The condition mostly attacks the aged from the age of 65 and above. Till now, there is no known cure for it.

People are mostly educated to do things that can prevent them from getting the disease such as exercising, healthy eating etc. But research has shown that, people who drink coffee have 65% lower risk of getting the disease.

3. May Protect You Liver

One important organ in the human body is the liver and it carries out so many functions in the body.

Quite common diseases usually affects the liver, which may include fatty liver, hepatitis etc. Many of this conditions damages the liver and most times makes it to develop scar.

A research has shown that, people who usually drink or more cups of coffee and day have an 80% reduction in the risk of getting liver Cirrhosis which greatly damages the liver.

4. Enhances Physical Performance

Coffee contains caffeine which increases adrenaline levels and releases fatty acids from your body’ s fat tissue therefore giving you a lot of energy in your physical performance.

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