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Before You Say Anything Harsh, Read This!

Choices of words
Choice of words often known as diction
A lot of people consider it fiction.
But the truth is,
It is but a mere representation of our persona.
Revealing your deepest fears , digging deep into your soul.
Choice of words isn’t sugarcoating the truth  unnecessarily
Choice of words show respect and your ability with words.
To tell the truth in the sweetest yet most insulting ways.
To tell a lie that bends and breaks at your will.
The knock of the paradox is but a light blow
Compared to the hit of the litotes.
Choice of words, show how deep your intellect goes.
Breaking the barrier of bare words.
Stealing the truth from cleared heads.
Choice of words is but a very powerful tool
But few understand it and often call it the poets lie, a bluntless scam.
I tell you choice of words beats being your blunt and rough ass anyday
I bask in the glory of choice of words.
I do believe, it’s your turn to try.
But, hey! Make sure to get to the point.

Courage Bansahhttps://ghdispatch.com
I am all that you heard about me


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