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Bayern Munich Defender Jerome Boateng Leaves Camp As Reports Break Of His Ex Girlfriend’s Death

Germany and Bayern Munich Defender Jerome Boateng, who until today was at Qatar, with his Bayern Munich team mates featuring in the ongoing club world cup, has left camp after reports of his ex girlfriend’s death. He was set to feature in Thursday’s final with Tigres.

Bayern Munich Head Coach Hansi Flick confirmed Boateng would be leaving Bayern’s camp, saying: “Jerome came to my room and asked if he could go home. He will not be available to us until further notice.”

His ex girlfriend Kasia Lenhardt 25, a polish born super model was found dead in her apartment in Berlin, Germany a day after her son’s 6th birthday. Jerome Boateng and Kasia dated for about 15 months before breaking things off a week ago. After which has been several exchange of words and accusations between the two.

Lenhardt was found in the Charlottenburg neighbourhood of Berlin on Tuesday night, with police saying they suspect she died by suicide.

“Yesterday at around 8:30pm there was a police operation in Charlottenburg on suspicion of suicide,” Berlin police said in a statement to Bild. “There are no indications of third-party negligence.”

It is believed that she has committed suicide with all going on within her life. After the break up, she promised to be strong and soon reveal all things about them. The police were alerted by family members when they tried getting to her but all atnepts proved futile.

She did made a cryptic instagram post before her death.

As to when Jerome Boateng would return to the playing field is unknown.

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