Home News Andy Dosty is such a big Old fool- Okese 1 fires🔥 hard.

Andy Dosty is such a big Old fool- Okese 1 fires🔥 hard.

Nana Afrane Okese popularly known as Okese 1 has angrily insult Andy Dosty after he was sacked for being late. After Okese 1 moved out of the studio, Okese 1 couldn’t control his temper which made him use some sort of words against him. He made a post of Andy Dosty’s photo on Instagram saying “He is such a big old fool …I’ve lost so much respect for this GUY…@andydostygh your propaganda set against me will never work… I HAVE GOD I just unfollowed you… and [email protected] y’all should know how to deal with such arrogant PIG I MIGHT SUE U FOR THIS TRUST ME.” Okese 1 again made another post with the caption, “if we talk of humility I know I’m very humble and I respect people…@andydosty I created my own company in California when I was 20.. I do music for my fans and Ghana and I am to put in my all.. I have paused everything to come to your show only to find out you have conived with people to Sabotage my career…. I’m blessed man cannot bring me down…. Okese 1 is here to stay and it’s for life #ONGOD” Keep following ghdispatch for more updates.

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