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Andy Dosty apologizes to Okese 1 and his fans for sacking him from Hitz FM.

Ghanaian on-air personality, Andy Dosty has apologized to rising musician Okesse 1 for sacking him from his Hitz FM ‘Daybreak Hitz Show’.

Earlier yesterday morning, Andy Dosty walked Okese 1 out of his studio over a complaint that he acted rudely.

“I don’t entertain rudeness” – Andy Dosty sacks Okese 1 from Hitz FM

Speaking about the incident on Neat FM’s ‘Entertainment GH’, Andy directly apologized to the musician and his fans.

He said: “Okese 1, I am so sorry! I have already apologized on my platform. Before I came to the studio, I had mentioned that I like his music. First of all, I will lay all arrogance, ego and everything of mine down and apologise to his fans and himself that incident happened.
Secondly, if he doesn’t respect and regard me, I accept it. For all his insults too, I thank him.”

Okese 1 insults, unfollows and threatens to sue Andy Dosty for sacking him from his show

Okese 1 who was also on the phone responded to Andy’s apology.

He replied in Twi: “I have heard him. All the insults I put on social media was out of pain because I was really hurt. I had a lot of respect for him.
If has apologized then I am also very sorry for insulting him because he has played a major role in Ghana’s music industry.”

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