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Amama Mbabazi Net Worth – ABTC

Amama Mbabazi born John Patrick Amama Mbabazi is a Ugandan politician, legal practitioner, and the ninth prime minister of Uganda. Amama Mbabazi was born on January 16, 1949, making him exactly 71 years in 2020.

Amama Mbabazi schooled at the Ntare School PTA Mellinium Block and had his tertiary education at Makerere University where he studied design. Mbabazi is married to Jacqueline Mbabazi and together they have four children; Nina Mbabazi, Mao Mbabazi, Rachel Mbabazii, and Marx Mbabazi.

Amama Mbabazi Net Worth

The exact net worth of Amama Mbabazi is unknown, however, reports from most media outlets indicate that the astute Ugandan politician, Amama Mbabazi is worth over $5 million dollars. Mbabazi makes most of his money as a statesman and also from his numerous business investments which he has been able to keep away from the public eye.


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