Home News A fraudster has been caught disguising himself as Despite's son Kennedy Osei.

A fraudster has been caught disguising himself as Despite’s son Kennedy Osei.

Fraud has become one of the common ways of getting money in Ghana by the youths. One of the most commonest one everywhere is the World Remmit. These fraud guys just enter into WhatsApp groups and other social media groups and drop their fake adverts. They ask people to bring an amount in exchange of about 10 times or more the amount within some minutes. Just recently an Instagram user has created a fake account with Despite’s eldest son’s name Kennedy Osei. He is disguising himself as Kennedy just because people know he is into business. Kennedy Osei have noticed that particular account and so he has cautioned people to stay away from that particular account. The account has only 48 followers and 533 followings. Study the screenshot of the account below to avoid being scammed by this fraudster.

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