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6 Signs Someone Is About To Betray You

Betrayal is something no one wants to go through – yet many people do. It can wreak emotional havoc, and take months, or even years, to overcome. But the deep pain of betrayal only occurs after you’ve made the mistake of trusting the wrong person. If you can catch the signs of betrayal before you get stabbed in the back, you can protect yourself from the worst.
Removing toxic people from your life might be hard at first, but it’s for the best. In fact, mental health professionals suggest cutting ties with toxic people to promote a healthier and happier life – whether they are friends, family members, or your significant other.
The good news is that there are some unmistakable behaviors that someone who is about to betray
you will display.

Check out these nine warning signs of betrayal.

1 – They Act Out Of Character

Once you get to know someone, it tends to be fairly easy to predict how they might act or respond to certain situations. If you notice that someone isn’t acting like themselves, it’s a sign that something’s up. They could be subtle signs and might not be cause for immediate concern – but if instances of yelling, complaining or zoning out during conversations continue to arise, you might be in trouble. Unexplainable changes in behavior toward you could indicate that someone is about to betray you.

2 – They Begin To Pull Away

Pulling away is a common sign that you’re about to be betrayed – especially if you live with this person or usually see them often. If it’s your partner, they might be pulling away if they don’t come home for dinner,
avoid seeing you when possible, or provide fewer details about their personal life spent outside of the relationship.
Regarding a relationship with a friend or co-worker, you might find them avoiding you in the breakroom, not sitting next to you when they usually would, not eating lunch with you anymore, or even ignoring you when you run into each other. If someone in your life is pulling away, it means that they’re beginning to focus more on their life apart from you.
Instead of doing things to keep the relationship alive, they’ve decided it’s best to let everything fade gently into the past. When you ask them about it, they’ll tell you everything is okay – and maybe they believe
that. But the truth is that actions speak louder than words, and they’ve shown you that they don’t care about your relationship anymore.

3 – They’re Too Nice

Some people are genuinely nice, and it doesn’t mean they’ll betray you. The problem is when someone is too nice, they might force-feed you compliments, buy you little gifts, or do things for you all the time without you ever asking or wanting them to. Usually, people like this aren’t genuine.
They’re fake and manipulative, their performance will trick you into trusting them – so that they can take advantage of you in the future. Like sweet sticky paper to a fly, their niceness is a trap.

4 – They Block You on Social Media

You might notice that they haven’t posted on social media for a long time. But when you visit their page, you realize they’ve blocked you! Especially when it occurs out of the blue, this is a sign that your friend or partner is hiding something.
When you approach them, they might lie and tell you they’ve deleted their account. Don’t be too quick to believe them. It’s best to be cautious when dealing with someone who’s dodgy.

5 – They Guard Their Phone

Not everyone is comfortable sharing their phone password with friends or lovers – and that’s okay. It becomes a problem when someone becomes overly cautious about handing their phone over for casual interactions or leaving it out – especially when they weren’t in the past. If someone is planning on betraying you (or already has), they’ll guard their phone (and their secrets) with their life. These behaviors may appear in the form of a changed password, phone calls taken in separate rooms, making sure you can’t see the screen when they text, or seeming paranoid about notifications.
If someone is hiding things on their phone or keeping secrets from you, it’s probably something to do with you, or something they don’t want you to know about.

6 – Someone Tells You

When someone tells you that a friend or lover has betrayed you, it’s usually true, while there are people out there who love to cause drama, most people are honest when it comes to betrayal. Your friends don’t want to hurt you, but they also believe you have a right to know what’s going on.
If someone tells you that another person has been spreading rumors, cheating, or lying, there’s probably some truth in it.
Even if the gossip has changed on its journey to your ears, it’s worth bringing up to your friend or partner.

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