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4 People Arrested in Gujarat for Duping US Citizens through Fake Call Center – Police

In Ahmedabad, a fake call center operated near Rajkot was busted and four people have been arrested for reportedly defrauding US citizens under the excuse of providing them with low interest rate loans.

“Through this fake call centre, they used to lure US citizens by offering them low interest loan over phone and then use their Social Security Number to buy gift vouchers, which were encashed in dollars”, said a police official.

The accused- Manoj Sharma, Ratan Karan, Vicky Singh and Sahil Oad are all 20 year Olds and residents of Ahmedabad. RY Raval, Inspector of Special Operations Group, Rajkot Police, said the accused have had previous work experience in call centre.

The fake centre was opened by an unidentified individual who paid theses young men a monthly salary of Rs 12,000 each and they earn Rs 3 commission per US dollar that they would get by duping their victims. Contact details wre provided by their mastermind and the four men would call these unsuspecting US citizens to offer them loans at low interest rates and also managed to convince them to share their Social Security Number in the name of processing the loans.

They would then use the last four digits of the number to purchase gift vouchers online from famous US retail stores and later encash those vouchers.

Investigation is still underway as to how the accused transfer the encashed dollars to India.

Mr Raval believes there are many people behind this act, not just the ones arrested. He added that the accused have duped US citizens to an enormous amount of “thousands of dollars”.


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