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Was It Really too Late To Save Him?

It was too late, he was already in the hole.
Stuck and alone in this cavity,
He’s lost sight of the shore of his sanity,
Sinking deep down into the depths of this ocean,
He’s tired of trying to rise above the waves,
Only for anxiety to hold him beneath these waves.
The rush of saline water rushing into his ears
bring to life his favourite of fears,
But he stays apathetic, doesn’t let out any tears.
His ear drums fill with the sound of fast approaching death,
His heart beats to the wrong rhythm,
But it’s been beating the death song for a long while,
None noticed even when he walked with them for miles.
He kept them at bay with his smile,
They couldn’t understand, they only made it worse,
It’s always cheer up, wrong words time and time again,
In his life there was nothing more to gain.
He’d lost his mind and heart, felt no more pain.
No emotions, he is a person walking dead,
Now he wants to be planted in the land of the dead.
He can’t take it anymore , that’s where he belongs.


Suicide is a public health problem that has increased in recent years, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports 804,000 suicides annually and it is the second leading cause of violent death in the population aged 15–29 years.
Depression plays a role in more than half of all suicide attempts, whereas the lifetime risk of suicide among patients with untreated depressive disorder is nearly 20%.
Also, having depression or other mood disorders such as bipolar disorder increases the risk of suicide 20-fold.

It is no joke, depression is real. Let’s try to be friends to our friends and not just passers-by in their lives!


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