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It Is Illegal To Give Your Children Out To Other People To Be Taken Care Of- Ministry Of Gender Discloses

The Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs or Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection of Ghana has revealed that it’s totally wrong to give your children to someone else to take care of them for you per the laws of Ghana.

The act of poor parents giving their children out to other families (especially well to do families) is common practice in Ghana with the aim of been assisted by these well to do families.

But speaking in an exclusive interview on Starr FM’s Morning Star show on Tuesday, Stephen Dombo, Deputy Director and Head, Central Adoption Authority of the Gender Ministery indicated that it is wrong for parents to give out their children to other people to take care of them.

He argued that instead of them giving them out you bring the children to social welfare. Stressing on the illegalities that are associated with giving out children to other people, Mr Dombo observed that it is also wrong for people to nurse pregnant women just so they could adopt the babies.

“It’s illegal to take your child and hand him/her to another person to take care of him/her. You bring the child to the social welfare.

“There are people who’ll encourage some young women to carry their babies and adopt after they deliver and that’s illegal. I feel that people need to be educated. If they’re educated, they’ll not do the things they’re doing. Example, if you pick an abandoned child, you don’t keep the child, you report to the police,” he said.

This revelation comes off the back of recent baby harvesting syndicate which broke out last week after the Ghana Medical and Dental Council and the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) carried out a thorough investigation which led to arrest some doctors, nurses and social workers who played a vital role in baby harvesting in Accra.

A joint statement revealed that the investigations were carried into the illegal activities between the periods of June to November 2020.

As a result of these investigations, two medical doctors, two social workers, four nurses, two mothers and one traditional birth attendant have been arrested so far and are on bail pending further investigations.

According to a statement by the two organizations, in the wake of the arrest of the 6 health care personnel, two social workers, two mothers and a traditional birth attendant were also picked up following a four-month investigation by the Medical and Dental Council and the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO).

The suspects, however, are currently on bail pending further investigations, the statement added.

One doctor identified Dr Mensah Quashie who works with the 37 Military Hospital was arrested at his private health facility named Susan Clinic located at Lartebiokorshie, a suburb of Accra as all the suspects were rounded up on Thursday 31 December 2020.

Dr Mensah Quashie allegedly sold the first baby boy to the team for an amount of GHS30,000 in October 2020.

He was arrested with three nurses who were named in the joint statement as Sylvia Awuseh, John Adorey Effie and Angela Ametepe.

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