Today I  looked in the mirror and found myself looking prettier than ever before
What happened, how did you do it?
You told me my cheeks complimented my smile and made me look like the constellations Aratus never found
Hidden deep in the stars but mesmerising in everyway
The word constellation, when said by you sounded like;conste-an unbeatable constant, the consistency of your poetic accuracy
Lletion – this just goes to show how elated I get get when you flatter me and my cheeks flush, because you’re the 21st century Shakespeare in my pocket
You’re just like a rocket
Your take off boosts every hormone in me
But you’re not adrenaline, there’s more to you.
You re-sculpted my ability to see beauty in myself
Forget genes or genetic modification
Forget controlling my serotonin with some powerful drug
You’re the over dose of everything perfect
You drive me insane in ways that I thought didn’t exist,
Your flawless understanding and immeasurable love, I have to charge you for treason because
I need to know the reason why one must love so deep ,
It makes him look like a creep
And act like a fool, just so his beloved is satisfied
I’m up at 1:40am, with a sleepless and active mind
Looking for things I can’t find
Smiling inside out, whether or not there’s a severe drought
I say forget family and friends
You’re a constant, you’re my favourite math topic
You take away any reason for aggravated logic
I know this sounds cheesy but, permit me to ask, don’t we all love cheese?
I love you to the moon and back is what some would say
I love you till the end of time others claim
But me I love with everything I never had,
I will have, I am yet to have and everything that makes me ,me. I love you with who I am.

“Valentine is coming!”

Courage Bansahhttps://ghdispatch.com
I am all that you heard about me


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