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Dear counsellor, today I came with a different story
I don’t want your answers , definitely not your opinions,
I just want you to listen.
I used to fantasise letting people into the door of my heart,
But no sooner did I realise none of them came with good gifts,
And counsellor, this broke my heart
I won’t lie to you, I had a heart
But I sold it, I sold the life in it to all the people who helped me break it
Dear counsellor, I fell in love once and that was it
My heart was torn apart in different directions
Eaten with the soup of mockery and swallowed with the urge of revenge
Then came this other guy, I mean there were others but some how this one caught my eye
He made it beat again, he held my pieces together
He didn’t make fun of me or my tears
He wiped them and kept me sane
I became hard cause we grew distant
Shut everyone out cause I was distraught
But I shut him in; his memories and my fears in one room
My dreams, his tears in another
Others suitors came along but my heart wouldn’t take them cause it was taken
But my mind would accommodate them and never be shaken
They let me in their heart’s abode thinking I did same
I thought about them, shared a few moments and got bored.
Not that I was cold
No, I needed someone to hold
and it definitely wasn’t them
My memories and thoughts blurred out the harsh reality I refused to realise
I fell in love to hard I forgot about my feelings
A part of my heart became harder than these metal railings
Dear counsellor, I ate from other people’s glory
Just so I could write a better story
But this is my story
One full of regret
I know I hurt a lot of people,
I know I threw away their innocence
But accept my lines, knowing that there are lines carved on my heart
But I’ve grown used to these lines, they are the rhythm to my caricatured soul
I live to die and die to live
I own nothing but desire and unfulfilment
I’m a slave to the love that stole me
I’m indebted to it for keeping me alive
Maybe one day things will change
Maybe I will drink from the cup of my lost innocence again
Maybe you’ll see that golden smile and those sparkling crystal eyes that stole a million hearts
But now, I think it’s too late
Dear counsellor, I’ve told my story.
Now go and live your life, party your brains out and forget I ever existed.

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