Home News 15 Storrey Building Collapsed at Airport,  Several Injured

15 Storrey Building Collapsed at Airport,  Several Injured

15 Storrey Building Collapsed at Airport,  Several Injured

The second floor of the proposed fifteen-floor KASS TOWERS, at Airport residential area in Accra, close to the Association International School, has caved in. The floor collapsed on Wednesday morning when concrete works were being carried out.

The headmistress of the Association International School, Mrs. Audrey Doryumu wants construction work at the site immediately stopped to protect lives and property.

The Turkish contractor KASS Plus Company Limited made headlines two years ago when the Roads Minister Mr. Kwasi Amoako-Attah rushed to the site, where originally, a 22-storey structure was being constructed and ordered the arrest of the CEO of the construction company, who, according to the minister, had eaten into the road and put up a barricade, which created a traffic jam.

With concerns raised over the construction, the initial 22-floor KASS TOWERS was reduced to 15 floors due to issues over poor engineering practices, health impact and other operations in the area.

Authorities of the Association International School, which is close to the site, engaged lawyers, seeking to stop construction works, but this was not successful. The headmistress of the school, Mrs Audrey Doryumu said if the engineers had followed due process, these mishaps would not have happened again. She pleaded for the complete shutdown of the site to save lives.

Eyewitnesses say the collapse on Wednesday morning resulted in one serious injury and several others sustaining various minor injuries.

Though workers around were tight-lipped over the incident, the eye witness says there were about 15 workers on site, when the floor caved in. Meanwhile, the Airport Police Commander who was on site said he is yet to visit the victims to confirm the exact numbers.

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